Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pick Up Artist - Demonstrations that create jealousy

Demonstrations that create jealousy

1. Have a female wing or pivot who is "in the know" with you,
2. Build a pawn while in the club.
So for example, you are in isolation with your target, and you do a brief takeaway.
Use a lock-in prop on her (Mystery often uses his hat) and then go find a girl from a previous set. Tell her, "I'm sitting over there with my friend, let me introduce you,"
So when you come back, you come back with a friend. Of course this 'friend' then sits in your lap. A previous set has now been merged with the new one, but instead of group-to-group, it's isolation-to-isolation. You have two different girls in C1 at the same time.
From the point of view of the girl you brought over, introducing her to one of your other 'friends' is respectful and is a comfort tactic; the fact that this friend is a hot girl helps with social proof. She also feels good when you kino her in front of the other girl.
From your target's point of view — the girl who is still wearing your lock-in prop — she now has a challenge on her hands and jealousy. Bam! Sometimes the moment she first feels jealousy is also when she first consciously realizes that she is into you, and that she wants to have you over the other girl.
If you don't have ready pawns from previous sets, you can make one when you do your takeaway. So you run off and enlist a girl to directly help you by saying, "I like this girl. Will you make her jealous for me?" It's a tool.
If you have a pivot, find her and tell her to find you and sit on your lap in two minutes.
Or just game another set quickly and then when you isolate the girl from that group, say, "I've got my friend over there, let me introduce you."

So there are several options:
1. Find your pivot
2. Enlist a girl to directly help you
3. Backwards merge to a previous set
4. Forwards merge by opening a new set and bringing the new girl back to the main target

Monday, October 8, 2007

Pick Up Artist - Mystery is speaking to a beautiful woman

Mystery is speaking to a beautiful woman by the bar of a busy nightclub. Before even approaching the woman in this meeting location he had his game plan already in mind: moving her to the quiet smoking section; a good C1 location. He places his hat on her and says, "I'm going to show you some thing really neat. Come join me for a sec."
The woman replies, "Where are we going?"

"It's a special little place I like to call ... You'll See," he laughs, pointing towards the smoking section. "Just right there." He begins walking off a few feet.
While she is hesitant to leave her friends even for "a sec," she is more apt to join him because he has locked her in with his hat. Though she doesn't even smoke, she has to at least take a few steps forward to return his hat.
Meet Location to C1 Move

"What are you gonna show me?" she asks curiously as he grabs her hand and leads her through the crowd.
"Are you creative?" Mystery asks back, keeping her curious. While they move, he does a subtle interest test on her. He gauges her interest levels by loosening his grip as they walk. Does she hold his hand tightly still or let go of his hand:'
"I want to see how creative you are before I show you," he says as he pulls out a pad of paper and pen and hands them to her. Reaching the smoking section, they sit together and he places her hand on his knee and lets go. Does she leave it there? This is another subtle test.
He leans back and says, 'It's quieter out here. Ok, I need you think up a list of 10 random words, but they can't have any association with any other word you come up with."

And so, with a successful move (and an isolation from her friends as well in this case) from the meeting location to C1, he is able to begin building comfort, in this case by demonstrating his photographic memory using The Peg System and then teaching it to her.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Pick Up Artist - Try complimenting a girl

Try complimenting a girl in a way that directs her to behave the way you want her to, and to play a role that's useful to you.

An example of this: "You seem to be very connected with your emotions. You seem to really listen to your woman's intuition." Or if she's being rude, or if you want to misinterpret that she was rude, say, "You're too classy to act like this."

Just tell her how you "view" her, and she will become that person for you, but only if she agrees and it is flattering for her. You are building a character for her, and she will play the role because she likes the way that the role makes her feel. Here are some examples of compliments:
• "You seem like someone who really knows what she wants, I admire that."
• "You really care about your friends. I bet you will make a really good mother."
• 'You have a good energy."
• "I notice you're the leader of your friends. Why is that?" • "You're a great conversationalist."
• "You're a very classy girl. What are you doing in a place like this?"
• "Wow you seem so confident with your friends, like you're kinda the leader of your peer group. I just love your energy... -> Are you close with your family?'" [Going into next routine.]
• "You have such an expressive personality ... That's a valuable thing in the entertainment industry. There are a million women who are beautiful; I just came back from Florida, but how many do you think have an outgoing personality like yourself? I'm telling you, that's a very attractive quality and a valuable asset."

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pick Up Artist - The Hotseat Game

The Hotseat Game

"What's your favorite color?" "What did you think of high school?" "What did you eat for dinner last night?"

And so on. Make sure she gives you an answer and if not then say, "Yes, but that's not an answer to my question." That'll show her gently that you are in charge. Now this isn't all of it but what you're doing here is showing a lot of interest. After all you are essentially giving her permission to talk about herself. They get over any self-consciousness pretty quickly by doing this, too. Plus, it gets them to open up and if they hit on something interesting then they'll maybe elaborate for you.
But as I said there is more to it After they relax after the first few questions, you start throwing in some more personal ones such as:

"Have you ever been to the hospital emergency room?"
"How old where you when you first got drunk?"
"Did you and your siblings keep secrets'?"
"Ever bad a very rough breakup?"
"What's your favorite food / vacation / place to visit" (use your imagination)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pick Up Artist - Demonstration of Higher Value

Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV)

Anything you can do that conveys higher survival and replication value is a DHV. For example, if you open a set and you already have two girls with you, you have demonstrated pre-selection, which is a DHV. When girls see that other girls have pre-selected you, they feel more attracted to you as a result.

If a woman discovers that you have a lot of money, it is a DHV. She will find you more attractive, all other factors being the same. But if she perceives that you are trying to impress her with your money, she will then lose attraction. This is because only lower-value people try to impress — such behavior is known as a demonstration of LOWER value, or DLV. If you are trying to impress, you must be of lower status and thus unattractive.

If a woman sees that you have a lot of social proof from gaming the room, she will feel more attracted to you, because social proof is a DHV. If, however, she sees that you are socially unaware and inept, then it is a DLV. When you DLV, it lowers her perception of your S and R value, which makes her feel emotionally less attracted.
Telling stories that are fun, interesting, and emotionally relevant, demonstrates social skill, which is a DHV. A story can also be structured to convey specific characteristics in the subtext, allowing you to surreptitiously flip attraction switches.

Negging is also a DHV, because only a high value guy would talk to her like that, and seem sincere. You must already have girls if you talk in such a way.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

PickUp Artist - Male competition

Male competition. Yes there are other guys — but they don't count. They don't smile; they don't surround themselves with talking and laughing people, they don't walk around with a smile on their face. Instead they hold a beer to their chest and try to look cool' These guys are not really competition at all.

• Befriend the social guys, and practice gaming them. One of the attraction switches in women is the lender of men switch. When you lead the men, the women will follow.

• Be the observed. There are constantly little events going on in the Field: A flash goes off as a group of people pose for a picture. A man teaches a woman a little dance move. A group of people bust up laughing. A girl gasps at an impressive routine, and people nearby look over to see what is going on. Are you the observer when these things happen, or the observed?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pick Up Artist - The 3-Second Rule

The 3-Second Rule

You want to be in a set within three seconds of entering the venue. Just walk right up to the first set of people that you see and open them. This is called the 3-second rule. Remember, you are not only working the set, but the entire room-No one else knows whether you are already acquainted with these people. It certainly seems as if you know them — you entered the venue, walked right up to them, and now they are having a fun conversation with you. You must be a social guy with lots of friends!

Then you move on to the next set, and the positive perception of you continues to grow. You are becoming socially proofed in this venue. Notice the magical ease with which sets will open up to you when you have this level of social proof For this reason, it is important not to be too selective in choosing your sets. It's better to be in a set than to get picky and end up alone when you should be working the room.
Another interpretation of the three-second rule states: Within three seconds of spotting a set that you want to open, you must open that set.

This really adds a natural spontaneity to the approach. The difference in your state of mind is noticeable. A woman can usually tell when a man is working up the courage to approach her, which can lower her perception of his value. But if you follow the three second rule, she will have a feeling like you just popped up out of nowhere. A very nice energy is added to the interaction when following this rule.